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The carpenter sits
at a workbench
  and plank

carefully carves,
skillfully shapes

Each line,
grotesque knot,
of original form

The artist
a splotch of moss
hues of gray
the delicate green
of each leaf

The gardener
plants the lie
among the truth

The philosopher
  before me stands a tree
  the truth is real
  simply open your eyes
  and you will not be


It can happen
on the quietest street
or the busiest avenue;
in the smallest house
or the greatest mansion

I found it
sitting on the floor
building trains
with my son

In the living room
singing and dancing
to Hamilton
with my daughter

Huddled over the crib
whispering my baby to sleep

I found it
in Hyde park
on an unusually sunny day
just you and I
when we were young

It's there
with my doodle's head
resting on my feet
as I work

It's everywhere
in everything
at every moment

I just have to remember
to look


I'm not looking
for love like wine
drunk, fun, out of control

I have love like water
cool, clear, refreshing

Love like the rapids
is exhilerating
and exhausting
I'm here
for the smooth,
steady ride
on the current

We'll hold hands
never growing tired
watching the birds
fly over our heads

I used to think
as we float down the river
we'd get bored,
drift apart
that the current 
would weaken and slow

How wrong I was
How glad I am


Do you ever think
of space,
then worry,
you'll float right out into it?

Have you ever been
on a plane,
imagined the bottom disappeared?
Then made yourself stop,
too worried you might fall through?

Did you once read an article,
about space energy,
so powerful and fast,
it would obliterate the earth
in a second
and we'd never see it coming?
But you can't think about it,
in case you make it happen?

Yeah, me neither...


I used to be
so scared of death;
Used to be,
I couldn't talk,
couldn't think
about it

My body felt so close,
like it was ready
to slip away
at any moment;
every little twinge
and I thought
  "This is it"

At least,
until you came along;
grabbed me by the shoulders,
stared me square in the eyes

I am going to die.
So are you.
So is everyone you love.

everything you've ever known,
ever touched,
will turn to dust;
not even a memory

You can't fight it
You can't change it

You can only pretend
and deny it
    ignore it

Or, accept it,
embrace it,
make the most of it