Justin Fuller — Software Engineer

Service calls make your tests better

by Justin Fuller

TL;DR: If all tests are mocked, you don’t know if your code works, you only know that, theoretically, it is supposed to work if the integrations adhere to the contract you expect.

Refactoring — oops, I’ve been doing it wrong.

by Justin Fuller

Welcome to my intervention. I’m a refactoring addict and I’m not afraid to admit it, but there’s only one problem: I’ve been doing it backward. You see, what I’ve been doing could be more accurately described as premature code abstraction.

How To Write Error Messages That Don’t Suck

by Justin Fuller

“A validation error occurred.” Yep. Thanks!

The release is imminent; this is the last update that needs to be verified, and I get an error message that’s as useful as the close button on an elevator.

Simply JavaScript: a straightforward intro to Mocking, Stubbing, and Interfaces

by Justin Fuller

I like to think that I’m a simple guy, I like simple things. So whenever I sense complexity, my first reaction is to wonder if I can make things easier.

Before I transitioned to software development, I spent time as a sound engineer. I was recording bands and mixing live shows. I was even recording and mixing live shows for broadcast. During that time I talked with too many people who would always attempt to solve problems by purchasing some expensive, more complex equipment. Sadly the return on investment never seemed to be all it promised.

Writing tests can make you a faster, more productive developer

by Justin Fuller

Most of us have heard of “writer’s block”, but have you heard of “developer’s block”? Just like a writer, a software developer can sit staring at a screen, not knowing where to begin. Sometimes that blank screen can be too intimidating and the code just doesn’t come to you.