Better Interviews

Are you having trouble getting a good signal on the candidates you interview? Better Interviews can help.

The Problem

I've spent years interviewing candidates of all types and levels. But it never seemed to get easier. I struggled to compare candidates to each other. I never felt I had a clear signal that a candidate was right for the role.

Eventually, I realized I lacked a consistent, structured way to evaluate candidates.

That's when I created Better Interviews.

What Is it?

Better Interviews uses a concept I call, “interview signals”. They are five “yes” or “no” questions that I answer about each candidate that I'm interviewing for a role.

These consistent questions help me compare candidates across a standard set of criteria. Suddenly, it becomes much easier to compare candidates to each other.

There are a ton of other benefits too. I can now write up interview feedback in just a few minutes. It used to take me thirty minutes to an hour. I also have a helpful way to guide candidates through the interview. If they haven't touched on an area where I know I need a signal, I can prompt them to focus on that area. After all, my goal is to help candidates do their best in an interview, not make them fail!

Better Interviews encapsulates this idea in a simple workflow.

The tool is totally free because I just want to help us make interviews better and fairer for everyone.

As you use these interview signals, I encourage you to share them with your candidates. The idea is to set them up for success. They can best prepare to show you their skills in the areas you care most about.

How It Works

First, a hiring manager opens a role. For each role, they create five binary (yes-or-no) questions.


For each candidate, the interviewer receives a feedback request.


After the interview, they select “yes” or “no” for the questions. There is an additional question, asking if the interviewer recommends the candidate.


The hiring manager receives a summary of each submitted feedback.


Why You Should Care

Does writing candidate feedback take too long?

Have you been struggling to compare candidates against each other?

Are you not getting a good signal on your candidates, but you're not quite sure what's missing?

This style of collecting feedback has drastically simplified my interview process. It saves me time as an interviewer and it gives my hiring managers consistent feedback for each candidate.

If you think this method for collecting feedback will help you, Better Interviews provides the tools to make it happen.

Open Source

The code is open source. You can find it at