Justin Fuller — Software Engineer

Asking Stupid Questions

by Justin Fuller

While I’m riffing off of Dan Luu’s post about not being afraid to look stupid, I want to think about asking Stupid Questions. In this post I want to explore: What is a stupid question? What are some examples? Why would I want to ask them? Why don’t I ask them? What is a stupid question? I’m thinking of a specific type of Stupid Question.

Why Did I Stop Writing?

by Justin Fuller

The last time I wrote a regular blog post was about one year ago. Now, as we all know, a few things have happened in the world since then. So, it could be understandable if I didn’t post anything. But, if I’m honest, the reasons I stopped posting related more to my feelings and less to the state of the world around me. I’m thinking about this because I just finished reading this excellent post by Dan Luu about his willingness to look stupid.

Why do we fall into the rewrite trap?

by Justin Fuller

One of my favorite reads is Joel Spolsky's Things You Should Never Do. He wrote this post almost twenty years ago, outlining the downfall of Netscape and others because they spent years rewriting working code. His solution is, unsurprisingly, to refactor. About a year before Joel wrote Things You Should Never Do, Martin Fowler published his popular book, Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code.

So, my question is, if we as a community figured out — twenty years ago — that we should stop rewriting programs, why is it still commonly done today?